22 hornet ammo

The 22 Hornet ammo came onto the market in 1930, and the centerfire cartridge is far more powerful than the rimfire .22 LR (Long Rifle) or even the .22 WMR (Winchester Magnum Rimfire, aka .22 Mag). The “Hornet” part of the name was mostly a marketing decision to suggest the small caliber had a big sting. The 22 Hornet rifle was designed for varmint hunting and has been so successful that it’s still used for just that purpose over 90 years later.

he .22 Hornet has a muzzle velocity of 3,060 fps (feet per second), while the .17 Hornet has a considerably faster 3,515 fps. When it comes to muzzle energy, the .22 wins out with 728 ft.-lb (foot-pounds) versus the .17’s 548.8 ft.-lb. The .17’s parent cartridge is actually a necked-down .22 Hornet, but it has a quieter report.

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